- show off your property -
Kretz and Partners are always seeking the best ways of showing off your property. Using cinemagraphs, drones and Osmo cameras, we put movement at the heart of our creations.
With the Osmo camera, we can capture the uniqueness of your property as smoothly as possible.
We create and capture movement. Thanks to its advanced technology, designed to guarantee image stability under all circumstances, the Osmo is much more than just a camera – it offers unparalleled freedom to create.
With the cinemagraph, we can capture the personality of your property sensitively and accurately. Movement and poetry are the strengths of this format. We design and produce cinemagraphs
A cinemagraph is an animated photograph containing small repetitive movement. It is generally in the format of an animated GIF and can give the impression of watching a video.
3D modelling
Thanks to its drones, Kretz & Partners delivers viewpoints that only an aerial view can capture. Based on 300 georeferenced photos, we model your property in 3D.